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Come Dance on the Commodore’s Grave!

Pirates and Wenches Dancing The Virginia Reel in the Decatur Square

One of the most time-honored traditions of the one and only Official PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl is when our band of pirates gather upon the cobbles of the MARTA plaza in order to taunt the ghost of The Commodore (better known to lubbers as Commodore Stephen Decatur) with a special pirate version of the Virginia Reel. We will be led once again by that besotted master of dance, Israel Hand – who in “real life” has worked as a choreographer to actors on the popular television “The Vampire Diaries”, starred in last year’s internet hit “The Beach Police”, and has performed at Stately Oaks and The Georgia Independence Day Festicle!

Master of the Virginia Reel and a Bottle of Rum, Israel Hand

Mister Hand will be available for autographs following the dance and states that he will “provides lap dances to them lassies what cross me palm with silver”. Please note that city regulations discourage the consumption of raw meat and lap dances from fetid pirates. Proceed at your own risk, poppet.


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