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Breaking: Captain Vows to Find Lost Map

In what may be the pirate news story of the week, Captain Drew, famed space pirate and inventor of the rPlank™ has announced his intentions to find a “very valuable treasure map” that he claims was lost during his last laundry day.

“Yes, Brian, I am very concerned and hope to find this map very quickly as it shows where I have hidden all my treasure,” said the Captain to our reporter Brie Nicholls, who attended the Captain’s hastily called announcement in a popular doughnut shop along Ponce De Leon Street in Atlanta late Saturday morning.

“It be my intention, Brian, to determine WHERE I left my map and then to pick it UP again and put it into my breeches POCKET. My, you certainly have a large chest for a cabin boy, Brian. Do you mind if I Continue Reading


A Word from Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow returns to tease 2011 release of Pirates of the Carribean 4

Whilst on vacation in the glades of Florida our pal Jack “Jumpstreet” Sparrow took the time to record a very nice travelogue about his itinerary. So. Do you think he’s looking a little paunchy? Yeah? Yeah. Us too, but we didn’t say anything about it at the time. You know. Umm…. yeah… video after the cut! Continue Reading


Requiem of the Outcast

Such flattery!! Despite old Captain Drew’s bumblin’ we’ve gone and gotten ourselves a mention in this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Podcast over on Requiem of the Outcast, a site which is filled well beyond the waterline with wonderfully entertaining podcasts and audio series like the CinemaFreaks and Continue Reading


Blackbeard’s Ship Discovered?

Me old college roommate Blackbeard be making news again this week after historians and archaeologists (what I like to call “history pirates”) have all but concluded that a wreck lyin’ off the coast of South Carolina is his famed ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge! Continue Reading


Disney Announces Pirates-themed MMORPG

Swing hard about, all o’ you WoW-loving, Second Life-afflicted privateering gamers: Disney has heard your psychographic growl and has announced a Spring rollout of a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) they’re calling “Pirates of the Caribbean Online”. Interested? Read on…
Continue Reading


Contestants Wanted for New CBS Reality Show: Pirates

Lean to, you scurvy dogs and make for CBS Television’s website to download a signup form for their new television programme what be called “Pirates”. Here be a direct link to to the download form (note that this link will probably be deadeyes within a month or so o’ this postin’ so look sharp and snag it now!). Tell ’em that Cap’n Drew sent you!!


Piracy Report: Cockles and Beds

Whichever one of you is doing this, I bid you to effect an immediate cessation of your activities. You’re giving piracy a bad name.