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Disney Announces Pirates-themed MMORPG

Swing hard about, all o’ you WoW-loving, Second Life-afflicted privateering gamers: Disney has heard your psychographic growl and has announced a Spring rollout of a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) they’re calling “Pirates of the Caribbean Online”. Interested? Read on…
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Contestants Wanted for New CBS Reality Show: Pirates

Lean to, you scurvy dogs and make for CBS Television’s website to download a signup form for their new television programme what be called “Pirates”. Here be a direct link to to the download form (note that this link will probably be deadeyes within a month or so o’ this postin’ so look sharp and snag it now!). Tell ’em that Cap’n Drew sent you!!


Piracy Report: Cockles and Beds

Whichever one of you is doing this, I bid you to effect an immediate cessation of your activities. You’re giving piracy a bad name.