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13th Annual PiratePalooza™ Shirts Announced

The design for the 2017 PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing was announced this morning at a small press conference in a dusty median in the middle of Andrew Young International Boulevard, near Atlanta’s new Mercedes Benz stadium. Captain Drew announced to a group of traveling vagabonds that this year’s shirt theme was “Seize the High Seas” and “Something Something About Seaweed” and “Look Matey, Ships Be Cool So Get Off My Back” and “Lester, If You Don’t Let Go Of My Piece Of Chicken Right Now I Shall Be Forced To Strike You In The Nose”.

While video of this press conference is sadly unavailable, Captain Drew’s staff inform us that the website is in fact taking orders now (ORDER YOUR SHIRT TODAY) and stressed that the only way to be guaranteed of getting a shirt is to pre-order them – very few pieces of additional stock will be Continue Reading


Mockup of 2013 Ladies Fashion Shirt


As noted in a previous post, pre-orders for the 2013 PiratePalooza™ shirts are now up and running and people are placing orders! Yesterday we updated the PiratePaloozaGear™ page to provide sizing information AND to announce the shirts we’ll be printing onto this year. The “standard” adult-T will be printed on high-quality Hanes 5180 Beefy-T’s, while the ladies fashion shirts are getting sexier still! We’ve listened to the wenches who have been asking for form-fitting shirts with deeper necklines and this year we’re going to be offering a premium ringspun cotton shirt made by Bella in “Team Purple”. Even with the hastily-prepared mockup shown above you can see that these things are really going to turn some heads! (is it just us or does this lovely young wench have outrageously long arms???)

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2013 PiratePalooza™ Shirt Pre-Orders


This weekend Captain Drew authorized his web crew to begin accepting pre-orders for the shirts for the 9th Annual PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing! Pre-orders proved so successful last year that the Captain has decreed that very few additional shirts will be ordered for walk-up sales, so if you want one be sure to pre-order this week. You have until the end of the month of August to order your shirts 2013 PiratePaloozaGear™ [http://www.piratepalooza.com/gear] – don’t miss out! Just like last year, your pre-orders will be available for pickup at the final stop of PiratePalooza™. If you require shipping please use the contact link and we’ll create a special order for you based on quantity and destination.  Please be sure to tell your pirate friends and please share this link on  your favorite social media site!


9th Annual PiratePalooza™ T-shirt Revealed


In yet another hastily-convened press conference, this morning Captain Drew unveiled to an astonished group of Japanese tourists the design for the 9th Annual PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing: “The Curse of the Rumbullion” – a throwback to the classic pirate movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. After a confusing exchange over the correct pronunciation (and meaning of) the word “Rumbullion” the Captain clambered atop a nearby Continue Reading


Time to Pick Colours for 2013 Shirts


It’s that time once again lads and wenches! Time to argue over the color of the fabric for this year’s T-shirts. Weigh in with your opinion on our Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and LiveJournal pages. You can even Tweet us with your suggestions!! We will of course probably wander off down the beach, drink some rum, pass out, wake up, pass out, wake up and then select a colour on our own, entirely ignoring your input. We’re fun like that.


Glowing Pirate Skeleton T-Shirts

It be that time again me hearties – when you sly scurvy lot pull your longboats up high along the shores of the inland city of Decatarrrr and invade her when she last suspects it! This year we has a brand new web site with a special dedicated section devoted to The PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing and we nearly always be available via Twitter too, so there be no reason not to come and join us on Septembarrrr the 15th.

Pay special mind to this year’s T-shirts, which features a pirate skeleton that will GLOW IN THE DARK!!! That’s right, the darned thing uses a special ink that glows in the dark, like a radioactive pirate!!! From September 5th to September 6th at Noon EST you can pre-order your shirts – just go to the PiratePaloozaGear™ Page and pre-order your 2012 shirts, to ensure that your size doesn’t run out on Septembarrrr the 15th. If you’d like your shirt shipped you’ll need to contact me from that page!



2011 PiratePalooza Shirts

We like to think that the Official PiratePalooza PubCrawl & PubSing experience is incomplete without the purchase of one of our commemorative T-shirts, and that’s not just because we hate stumbling over piles of those cursed unsold shirts for the 364 days leading up to the next Palooza. This year it should come as no surprise that the artwork on the reverse side of the shirts features Captain Drew’s newest invention, the rPlank™. Best of all (for you scurvy dogs) we’ve held the price of the T-shirts down to $15 (even though they have a crazy lot of ink on them) and for the first time in the 7 years of PiratePalooza history, Captain Drew is dropping the cost of shirts from previous Paloozas down to $10 – get them while they last. See you on Saturday?!!


MMX Skull PiratePalooza Shirts!

2010 PiratePalooza 6 T-shirts

The limited edition 2010 “MMX Skull” PiratePalooza shirts are on their way here in chestnut and pretty pink and once they’re gone they are GONE matey, so be sure to buy yours this coming Saturday night at the Official PiratePalooza 6 Pubsing at the scurvylicious James Joyce Pub in Avondale Estates!!! For those who have been asking, last year’s Fifth Anniversary adult-style T-shirt was a total sell-out the night of PiratePalooza though we do have limited supplies of the ladies style “Talk to the Hand” shirt remaining. We also have limited supplies of shirts from the last two Paloozas available, all shirts (new and old) priced at $15. Be seeing you! (with our good eye)


2009 Palooza Shirts : Legend of the Cursed Hand

The 2009 PiratePalooza Cursed Hand Shirt

(For those unfamiliar with our tale, the 5th Anniversary PiratePalooza™ T-shirts celebrate the Legend of PiratePalooza, a portion of which has been republished below. These shirts will come in Ocean Depth Black adult T’s and Heart of Darkness Coal for the ladies. All shirts are $15. Limited supplies. Available at the James Joyce during the Pub Sing. Cash only.)

As stormclouds drew tight their net over the port of Decatur, old folks shuttered their doors and withdrew to the relative safety of their cottages. Outside, new mothers scooped up their children and scurried them along the old Church street in anticipation of the gathering tempest. When one young lad wrestled free of his mother’s grip she shouted for her husband’s help. Wasting no time the man snatched the child up short and growled “Listen to your Ma now, get along home!”.

“But Pa,” whined the lad, “why do they all bolt their doors? Why are they a-feared of the storm?”

“It ain’t the weather they be feared of, boy. It be the Palooza. It’s coming for us now son, just as sure as the Devil does come for your soul.”

A low rumble of thunder Continue Reading


Palooza 2008 Shirts and Sizes

2008 Palooza Shirt Front/Back

Shirts Ho!! This year’s silkscreened shirts really will be a “limited edition”, so pay attention and be ready to buy yours ASAP before someone else makes off with it! In case you’ve missed the announcemnt, this year’s shirts will be chocolate brown and will feature a broadside about this year’s PiratePalooza™ on the backside, placed there to cover your ugly hump, you great stinky bell-ringing sea rat!! (Forgive us if you actually do have any sort of hump-like anatomical feature as we’re quite sensitive pirates, honest). Returning again this year are sturdy all-cotton tees, the same shirt most of you ruffians and ruffianettes always demand. AND, I have something NEW for you especially trollopy lassies what are always begging the Captain to look at your yummy-yummy curves… this time around we’ll also offer true ladies-only shirts made in a clingy baby rib knit so that you can set your cannons on display. Price on the shirts is pending, more information soon.

Women’s Baby Rib Knit projected size selection
XSmall equates to size 0, allows bust of 28″ – 30″ [5 shirts ordered at this size]
Small equates to size 0-2, allows bust of 30″ – 32″ [5 shirts ordered at this size]
Medium equates to size 4-6, allows bust of 32″ – 34″ [5 shirts ordered at this size]
Large equates to size 8-10, allows bust of 36″ – 38″ [7 shirts ordered at this size]
XLarge equates to size 12-14, allows bust of 40″ – 42″ [3 shirts ordered at this size]
2XLarge equates to size 16-18, allows bust of 44″ – 46″ [0 shirts ordered at this size]

Adult Cotton Tees projected size selection
Medium [2 shirts ordered at this size]
Large [6 shirts ordered at this size]
XLarge [18 shirts ordered at this size]
2XLarge [3 shirts ordered at this size]
3XLarge [1 shirts ordered at this size]