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Introducing 2007 PaloozaGear™ (T-shirts!)

A Part of the rPhone Concert Series

All too quickly the months have thundered past us like great wallowing herds of Sylvanian Sea Sharpies and here we are with but a week to go until the legendary PiratePalooza™ pubcrawl. The music! The rum! The wenches! The rum in the wenches! The permutations are thrilling! So, are you excited yet? Well just in case you need a gentle shove toward the Lido Deck, allow me to introduce the artwork for the limited-edition, screen-printed, 2007 PiratePalooza™ T-shirts… wait, is that the???

That’s no mirage you young scalawags… per popular worldwide demand, this year’s PiratePalooza™ PubSing Tour is a part of the rPhone™ Concert Series!! The same steampunk technology that once made the Fake Steve Jobs chuckle in our general direction can now be hoisted across your backside like a proper flag that will tell everyone in your WOWLARP that “I’m such an enormous pratt that you just have to love me!” [What the hell’s a WOWLARP? -editor]

But wait, you say that you want another photo of the shirt?

You want to know what’s on the front of it?

Well shiver me timbers lads, looky here…. it’s our freakin’ brand new cooler-than-cool, “two letter P’s shoved up against each other to make a skull” official PiratePalooza™ emblem!! Horky snap!!!

Our most awesome shirt yet?!!

Shirt Availability

The shirts will go on sale the day of the Palooza itself (beginning at the kick-off site). Note that this is a limited first-edition printing, so hold back $15 to make sure that you’ll get one. They’ll come in one color: black. There’ll be two styles: premium cotton Adult T’s and stretchy ladies babydolls for those lasses out there who like to show off their cannons, full and round. There are only a very few shirts in larger sizes and all of these will be first-come-first-serve. A limited number of the Palooza ’05 and ’06 shirts will be available for $10/each for those completionists among you!


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