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New! PiratePalooza™ Photo Pool on Flickr

This morning we’re debuting a new Photo Pool on Flickr called (oddly enough) “PiratePalooza” and I’d love to invite all of you who use Flickr to add your palooza pics to the pool for that slideshow-y goodness that people seem to love so much. More info after the cut…. I’ve uploaded all of last year’s photos to the pool and already The Amazing Tito and Jilly McJillerson are releasing a deluge of fantastic photos…. I know that you’re going to love wading through the pile! For those of you who are using Flickr (it’s free you know), the direct URL is easy to remember: and I’m betting that more than a few of you have photos that you’d like to add to the pool… so get to swimmin’ me hearties, the time she is a wasting!


2 Responses to this post.

  1. Lynn's Gravatar

    Posted by Lynn on 17.09.07 at 12:15 pm

    Tom has requested more photos of Capt. Drew. While I’m sure that there were dozens (or even hundreds) of other interesting and photogenic pirates in attendance Saturday night, I’d like to be directed only to the photos of you. Ask your publicist to contact me.

  2. drew's Gravatar

    Posted by drew on 17.09.07 at 12:15 pm

    I’d like to put a stop to photos of Captain Drew right now. It’s bad luck for a space pirate to be photographed and even worse luck for him to be collected. The next thing you know we’re going to be selling autographed photos of Captain Drew from this website… I mean…. I mean… look for those sometime around Christmas, available in small quantities on eBay!