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Pissed Producer Protests PiratePalooza™ Production

Flight of the Conchords

Update: Production of the 2008 season of PiratePalooza™: The Adventure Series has been delayed since mid-April due to a unexpected strike orchestrated by well known Hollywood Producers Tab Mueller and Taffy Barstow. As Executive Producer of popular programs like HBO’s “The Flight of the Conchords” and MTV’s “Viva la Bam“, Mueller is said to jealously guard his end of the pop culture pool, though many insiders believe that this unprecedented two-person strike may in fact be an overture by Mueller (link not working at time of publication) toward securing the rights to produce a hardly-anticipated feature based on Captain Drew’s pirate adventures in space. Stay tuned! (Actually, don’t. This was just a fun shout out to Toby & Val)


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