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Harbor Traffic : SS Obama

SS Obama Rally in Square

A Corporate Raider what attends the Palooza every year contacted us this afternoon via rPhone™ to advise the Captain that the DecaturMetro blog has announced that there will be a “Women for Obama” rally in Decatur Square at 12pm tomorrow afternoon, meaning that creativity and ingenuity will be required in locating berths for your autocarriage before the 2pm start of the PiratePalooza™ pubcrawl. However, if you cast your eye about you’ll spy that there be several parking decks around the square and two hours is an awful lot of time to scream and stamp and shout and cheer (what I’ll be doing when I get me some beer). We would apologize for this inconvenient collision of popular real-life memes, but if your stupid planet had acquiesced to Captain Drew’s offer of world domination you wouldn’t be forced to compete with these lassies for parking space. 😉


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