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New Video from PiratePalooza™ 2009

Hats off to our special pal Arthur (aka “Sexybeast”) just uploaded his video of PiratePalooza™ 2008 and OH ChowderMama is it a doozy!

Featuring samples of new music by Captain Dan and his Scurvy Crew (click here for more on Captain Dan’s music) and an eight minute runtime, you’re bound to see a few of your favorite pirate pals scrapin’ around the James Joyce Irish Pub. Try to name as many as you can!!


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  1. Rusty Anchor's Gravatar

    Posted by Rusty Anchor on 23.10.08 at 1:18 am

    That was so much fun I can’t wait until next year. Can we have a port call in a couple months?
    Was that Johnny Depp?

  2. drew's Gravatar

    Posted by drew on 23.10.08 at 1:18 am

    We might be having ourselves a karaoke night sometime in February!