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Scandal Rocks Tybee Island Haiku Event

Tonight one of the most serious scandals in modern pirate haiku competition was witnessed on the beach at Tybee Island when a pirate identifying himself only as “Wade of the Jennies” challenged one of his smartest and good-looking viewers live-on-the-air to produce a proper haiku for which he would be rewarded with a special award.

That pirate, chiefly ME, turned in one of his finest works (second only to the rPlank) and submitted it to this fellow “Wade of the Jennies”.


Here is that haiku (which is mine):

Drunken on the beach,
The boobies were all flying,
Proudly in the wind

Diagram of Haiku

When the programme returned from a musical act this “Wade of the Jennies” read aloud my beautiful haiku but he butchered it by changing “flying” to “a-flying”.

Imagine my horror as the drunken pirate judges began laughing and mocking me!

They were merciless, like they was drunken pirates or something!!!

1st Annual Tybee Island Haiku Boob-Off

All because “Wade of the Jennies” is an illiterate pirate, like most of you gummy peglegs staring at this screen right now.

Thankfully, there were some lovely parting prizes.


I demand a new emcee for next year’s Tybee Island Haiku Boob-Off!!


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