Sailing Into the Storm (revised)


A body of supernatural evidence continues to pile up around Captain Drew’s annual PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing, the theme for which was selected months ago as “The Curse of the Rumbullion”. With less than 24 hours left to go before the start of this year’s invasion of Decatarrrr a weather system named “Rumbullion” is heading for Decatarrrr like the wrath of God.

But, just as there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no skipping PiratePalooza™ on account of scattered thunderstorms. Pirates and water go together just like breasts mashed together in corsets, so don’t be left wondering if anyone will be going to this year’s 9th Annual PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing, it’s on like Donkey Kong, yo (ho ho). We’ve attacked Decatarrrr in the midst of a stalled tropical depression in the past and we’ll do it again, with our without you – be you pirates or be you pretenders? We shall find out!!

Our pubcrawl route is the same as it has been for the past several years: Twain’s at 1:30pm, The Brick Store @ 2:45pm, the traditional running of the pirates in the Virginia Reel happens in the MARTA plaza @ 4:30pm then on to Mac McGee’s @ 5:00pm. The crew over at Mac McGee’s is really getting into the spirit this year by offering a uniquely renaissance festival-style food item “Legge of Foule Beaste” (turkey legs) and they’ll be cracking open a cask of Red Brick Brewery’s Dog Days Ale to fill your mug for only $4 a pour!

Don’t miss the whole schedule at:

Around 6pm we’ll begin invading the Harbour Bar & Fish House for our concert. The city of Decatarrrr has been digging a giant hole outside of the restaurant this year so the driveway on Church Street is blocked – instead look for a sign on Trinity, just behind Twain’s, pointing down a back lane. If that lot is full there are plenty of other places in Decatur you might try.


Everyone who attends PiratePalooza™ wants the latest T-shirt, so look for the table outside the restaurant beginning around 6pm and get yours before we sell out (supplies are TRULY limited!). If you pre-ordered your 2013 shirt (like a smart little pirate) be sure to come by and pick it up and get your photo with your shiny PiratePalooza™ package! We’ll also have our entire stock of shirts from previous years available AND we’re running a special for the first time ever: 2 shirts for $20 (this only applies to the shirts from 2005 to 2011), a REALLY great way to build up your collection of PaloozaGear™!! Limited quantities of our glow-in-the-dark shirts from 2012 and 2013 are priced at $20 each – inquire about your size with our fine shirt crew! We accept credit card sales too, so don’t be shy!!

IN THE EVENT of rain the restaurant will shut down the backyard stage area (for the safety of its staff and patrons) and we’ll be moved inside the building to continue the concert. Once we reach capacity inside the Harbour Bar we’ll send expeditions roving back toward Mac McGee’s and the square, to take over the entire city (from the comfort of dry alehouses). This year’s event is going to be exciting – how will it all turn out?? Nobody knows, not even your old Captain Drew!!