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MMX Skull PiratePalooza Shirts!

2010 PiratePalooza 6 T-shirts

The limited edition 2010 “MMX Skull” PiratePalooza shirts are on their way here in chestnut and pretty pink and once they’re gone they are GONE matey, so be sure to buy yours this coming Saturday night at the Official PiratePalooza 6 Pubsing at the scurvylicious James Joyce Pub in Avondale Estates!!! For those who have been asking, last year’s Fifth Anniversary adult-style T-shirt was a total sell-out the night of PiratePalooza though we do have limited supplies of the ladies style “Talk to the Hand” shirt remaining. We also have limited supplies of shirts from the last two Paloozas available, all shirts (new and old) priced at $15. Be seeing you! (with our good eye)


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