Captain Drew is Coming to Town!

Captain Drew is Coming to Town, released by Rankin Bass in 1975

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – “RumbleShorts” wrote in to let us know that back in July of this year the Adelaide Times reported the discovery of a working print of the long lost Pirate Christmas special “Captain Drew is Coming to Town”, produced by Rankin Bass. According to the article, which is in Australianese, the film reel had been wedged between a vat of “shipdip” and a large drum of “shipoil”. In truth, the article was nigh on to unintelligible, so we have not linked to it directly so as not to cause our readers undue confusion. Through a series of translators we understand that the delightfully animated film has been restored by an Australian Sheep Conglomerate and that it is set to air on Christmas eve in the more remote portions of that continental island of sheepherders. According to the Australian version of Wikipedia the story follows a young space pirate Captain Drew as he learns to loot and pillage small villages throughout Eastern Europe. Music by Bung Crosby. If you have additional information please forward it to us on Twitter @piratepalooza