Help: Lost Treasure in Siberia

Captain Drew is an Alien

To anyone who was at this year’s PiratePalooza and found a sack full of strange equipment, I would like it back. It contains my medicinal rum, a large block of cheese, a bottle of port wine, a television remote control, and my rPhone™. Unfortunately for me, the rPhone™ is the only thing besides my rPlank™ that will run my “find my treasure” apparatus. So, until I can get a replacement rPhone or remember where I buried that train car full of Nazi gold I’ll have to keep digging by hand with the ship’s laser cannons and hope that I get lucky. So far nobody has noticed us out here blasting away and I hope that it might stay that way until after we’ve found the treasure and made it back off world. (Thanks to Dean Ansley for the photo of me inside the laser hole)

Hope you’re all doing well!