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Do You Need Help Publicizing PiratePalooza?

Good question. The answer is “Yes and No”.

Let’s do the “NO” first.
One of PiratePalooza’s many undocumented and quirksome rules is that you can only tell other pirates about the Palooza. DO NOT tip off the newspapers, disc-jockeys, television stations or bigtime Hollywood producers as they are all likely to be ninjas in disguise. Especially Dan Rather. DO NOT tell sorority girls or they’ll show up, drink all your rum and throw up on your deck. DO NOT talk to 60 Minutes or you run the very real chance of being cornered by Andy Rooney. Loose lips sink ships.

Now the “YES”.
Of course we’d like your help as we suspect there may still be a few pirates who haven’t heard about the Palooza. Feel free to link to us from your website, your blog, your LiveJournal or from the financial instruments governing the disposal of your estate. Keep an eye open (your good one) for postings in the category named “The Black Spot” as that’s where I’ll occasionally ad special web banners that you can use to link to us from your own website.


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