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Press Release: PiratePalooza 2006

It’s official lads and lassies, PiratePalooza 2006 will be on Saturday, Septembarrrrr 16th!!!
After much thought, discussion, rum and skullduggery, we decided to maintain our course of tracking close to Talk Like a Pirate Day. Since we know that it’s likely to be a bit warm, start pillaging for lightweight gear NOW!

The route of the pubcrawl is still in the planning stage but I’m almost sure that the pubsing will be at The Angel again, I’ve even heard tell that they’re planning to decorate the place up a bit. Stop by and tell them that you’re excited about the Palooza!

Meanwhile, and most importantly, I be contacting all the bands to see who can commit to come down to play with us this year. While I can guarantee nothing, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions, so post ’em below!!


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  1. dwivian's Gravatar

    Posted by dwivian on 12.06.06 at 11:04 pm

    GREAT! Warm isn’t too bad, until that fourth pint…