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Palooza Workshops

With the resurgence of interest in pirates due to the recent Disney film Captain Drew is entertaining the addition of some workshops and seminars to this year’s Palooza. Here are but a few of the ideas from his notebook of “Ideeers”….

“How Corsets Work”
“Why Fifteen Beers Isn’t Necescharlilly Too Many”
“Five Things About ‘The Plank’ ”
“Five MORE Things About ‘The Plank’ ”
“Spanking: It’s Not Just For Cabinboys Anymore”
“The Effect of the Dissolution of International Maritime Standards on the Independent Privateer”
“Getting Booty : What The Ladies Like”
“Keeping Booty : Where Pirates Bury Stuff”
“Beyond The Hook : Getting To Know Pirates As People”
“Rum, Rum, Rum, Rum: What More Do You Need To Know?”
“What To Drink When The Rum Is Gone”
“Why You Should Give Me Your Beer”
“No, I’m Serious. Give Me Your Beer Now.”
“The Guilt-Free Guide To Peeing In Public”


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