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PiratePalooza 2 : On Like Donkey Kong

PiratePalooza Web Beacon

Your old pirate pal Cap’n Drew knows that there’s only one kind of button that you begin to yearn for come this time of year: a PiratePalooza kind of button, and by thunder here it be!!!! It’s never been easier to spread the word that PiratePalooza 2 is just over the horizon, around the horn, down around the mulberry bush, just behind the outhouse, about four miles away from old Mrs. McGilicutty’s place, flat on its ass… very, very drunk. Just paste the code (shown below) into your podblog, your LiveGerbil or my YoursPage to link directly to!!!!

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”PiratePalooza Web Beacon”></a>

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  1. Selena Saberwind's Gravatar

    Posted by Selena Saberwind on 03.08.06 at 11:32 pm

    Aye, fixed yer code for ya, mate!