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Announcing Our PiratePalooza 2006 Sponsors

Your Sponsors for PiratePalooza 2006

I’m very happy to announce your sponsors for PiratePalooza 2006 will be: Dakota Pictures, The Angel, The Boswell Gallery and Scenario Custom Scenery. Each of these businesses are enthusiastic about you having the best Palooza EVARRRR!!! While we’re here, lets find out who they are!!

Dakota Pictures

Dakota Pictures
Based out of Hollywood, California, Dakota Pictures is a television and feature film production company known for its work with high-profile entertainers. Over the years Dakota Pictures has produced two of HBO’s most popular comedy series ‘Tenacious D’ and ‘Mr. Show’, several feature films like ‘Jack Frost’, ‘Run Ronnie Run’ and ‘Dumb & Dumberer’ and the popular series of Academy Awards Ceremony opening films featuring popular Oscars host Billy Crystal. Headed up by Producer/Writer/Director Troy Miller, sponsorship by Dakota Pictures is to PiratePalooza as puppies are to kittens. Or something. I was never good at standardized testing.

The Angel
The Angel is Pub Developer Derek Lawford’s wonderful contribution to Decatur’s eclectic assortment of bars and restaurants. Inspired by authentic English pubs, stepping into the Angel is like stepping across the Atlantic Ocean without the air fare or jet lag. The Angel’s Manager, Jay Rowan, and his crew are as excited about the return of PiratePalooza as you are and they’ve gone to extra efforts to make sure that you’ll enjoy yourself this year. Remember, the Angel isn’t just a bar, they have a wonderful menu as well. There’s a reason that we’ve made The Angel our destination for the PiratePalooza Pub Sing once again this year!

The Boswell Gallery

The Boswell Gallery
This compact fine art gallery has become one of Decatur’s most vibrant businesses in its first year of operation and will serve as the Official Store of this year’s PiratePalooza! Owner/Curator Elliott Boswell, an award-winning painter with roots in the feature film industry, carefully assembles the works of artists from around the country to provide his professional clientele with a selection that is unparalleled in its early collectivity. The Boswell Gallery will host Captain Drew’s Art Reception from 1pm to 5pm on the day of PiratePalooza, play host to musicians and pirate vendors. If you live in Atlanta and understand the value of art as investment, arrange to pay a visit the Boswell Gallery.

Scenario Custom Scenery
Scenario is a custom scenery design and fabrication shop located in the heart of Atlanta. Scenario has created sets for local television stations, CNN, Weather Channel, feature films and a myriad of commercials. With clients from Coca-Cola to Home Depot, New Line Cinemas to Paramount Pictures, Scenario’s skilled craftsmen can build anything your business needs, from giant turntables to silly pirate ships. Contact Ken Taber or Paul Huggins at (404) 755-9211 to see what Scenario can do for you!

Please show these companies your appreciation with your patronage, your incomprehensible blog rantings, your silly odes to them on YouTube, interpretive dances in front of your local police stations and most of all, your presence at PiratePalooza 2006!!


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