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PiratePalooza 2007 Booty Music Album (free!)

A Free Album by the Bands!!

We have one last surprise for you from this year’s PiratePalooza™ and no, it’s not your hamburger (didn’t you hear? they’re still a little behind in the kitchen). No, our little surprise is an “internet album” of pirate-themed music from some of the very same performers you saw on stage at this year’s PiratePalooza™ on Saturday, September 15th!! Best of all? This album is absolutely free and it’s available NOW. That’s right FREE and NOW. You should know that this album was spearheaded and produced by Dolph Amick (one of those bigwig backers of the band Three Quarter Ale) and it was wholeheartedly supported by the kindhearted performers who lent their talents to the creation of this album.

Just because I love my crew (especially the lassies) I’m giving you four routes to get this album (the creation of which I had nothing to do with, mind you)!! – Click on through to get the details, they’re fantastic and EASY… you’ll be listening to music in SECONDS!!!!


That’s right, no fiddling with files and music player programs…. just click and play!
If you’d like to play the songs right away, inside of your web browser, just visit the iTunes category (by clicking here) and clicking on the graphical play button in any of the posts. (requires Flash) Note that all the media in the Video(iTunes) category is optimized for use with iPods so be careful not to confuse these M4V video files with the Flash video files available from the “main” page of the website…. this entire webbitty web thing be ever so confusing to Captain Drew!


Do you own an iPod? Why not subscribe to the PiratePalooza podcast via iTunes and have your music with you all the time?
That’s right, you can download all of these splendid tunes and all of Captain Drew’s silly video adventure series to your iPod. Just go to the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) and do a search for “PiratePalooza”… when you see our podcast just click “subscribe”… you’ll need to consult your iTunes help for more details, all of our gear runs off of steam, love. But seriously, could there be a better way to show your fierce loyalty to your fellow crewmates aboard the PiratePalooza? Well okay, if your poop-brown Zune can do it we’re surely not going to stop you Billy Boy! 😉


Are you still on dialup? That’s okay, we’ve got you taken care of as well!
Perhaps your Atari 800XL doesn’t work with iTunes and you’d like to download these songs one at a time? We can do that too! For your convenience we’ve a list of files you can download any time you’d like…. and we’ve got a 35MB ZIP file with all of the songs in it as well if you’d prefer to doze while your 300baud modem chirrups away through the long night.

Cover Art

You can’t bloody well burn this to a CD if you don’t have the cover artwork for it! Well masterclass music producer Dolph Amick has taken care of that for you! Just look: a PDF cover of your very own! Dolph has requested that in lieu of thanks that you track down Wicked Pete Speakeasy and buy him a VLB (Very Large Beer).
Download Cover Art Now!

Track 01 – “Sea Fever”

That lovely little hellion Joni Minstrel kicks off the PiratePalooza Booty Music album by singing the words to a famous pram by England’s late poet laureate John Masefield’s. See if you can sing along with Joni without feelin’ the hair begin to prickle along the nape of your neck. This be why we takes to the sea, my crew…
Download “Sea Fever” Now!

Track 02 – “Captain Kidd”

Track 02 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album finds that nefarious anarchist Joni Minstrel singing a lovely first person narrative of that prankster of the seven seas, Captain Kidd. Sure he killed a few people… okay, a lot of people… but it’s hard work taking things from other people. Shouldn’t there be some sort of allowances made? Yes? No? Regardless, we think you’ll find that little trouble-maker Joni Minstrel possesses a sweet voice… exactly why you should never turn your back on herrrr! Methinks I smells mutiny afoot…
Download “Captain Kidd” Now!

Track 03 – “Pirate’s Life”

In Track 02 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album Susan Hickey and Greg Csikos of the Rambling Sailors grab you round the collar and fling you high to the world of free-booted pirates in this song called “Pirate’s Life”. Look around your sad little cubicle and feel the blood course hot through your veins… take the sea now lads, while there’s still time!
Download “Pirate’s Life” Now!

Track 04 – “Strike the Bell”

What is that sweet sound?! Why, it be Track 04 featuring’ the Rambling Sailors with their lovely old-salt harmonies and trademark authentic squeezebox!! Just try listening to this song without bobbin’ your head and wishin’ you were facin’ into the wind aboard a ship bound some faraway rum-soaked shore!
Download “Strike the Bell” Now!

Track 05 – “Whiskey is the Life of Man”

On Track 05 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album you’ll find Mister Ian O’Donnell spinnin’ us a jig-worthy ditty that’ll have you hoppin’ about like a drunk monkey in hot tar. No, I don’t know what that means either. Still, the song is peppy and I’ve no doubts you’re going to like it! You’re going to like it or DIE!!! (no, no, just kidding)
Download “Whiskey is the Life of Man” Now!

Track 06 – “Rigged Our Ship”

Way, hey, Track 06 on the PiratePalooza Booty Music album finds Mister Ian O’Donnell puttin’ us to mind o’ the hard business o’ keepin’ a good ship fit and true… let alone operating her as a law-abiding business. Sometimes it’s just bloody easier to take what you need than to do all that hard work for it… least, that be how it seems to us pirates.
Download “Rigged Our Ship” Now!

Track 07 – “Pirate Annie’s Chest”

Track 07 on the Booty Album has become yet another enormous hit for the talented members of Three Quarter Ale and a favorite for their fans both new and olde – finding it on this album is a genuine gift to those of us who count themselves among their fans! Sporting a decidedly roguish sound and suitably piratical attire, Ariana, Rosemary and Wicked Pete will have you tapping your peg in no time!
Download “Pirate Annie’s Chest” Now!

Track 08 – “The Black Spot”

Track 08 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album finds us at the mercy of a dangerously cutthroat incarnation of Three Quarter Ale, stalking ’round the deck singing of that most-dreaded of piratical death warrants: The Black Spot. Featuring a performance by that raven-haired temptress Rosemary Quench at her most cruel, you’ll marvel at this story of treachery upon the high sea and will certainly make you want to hear more of this very original band!
Download “The Black Spot” Now!

Track 09 – “Scoundrels”

A special preview from the album “Heroes and Scoundrels”, the final track (track 09) on this first-ever Booty Music album stars a quartet of kilt-wearin’ laddies from the year 1599. Known for their invention of the towering rock anthem and their penchant for the wearin’ o’ the teal, The Lost Boys are zoomin’ up the New World’s Renfest popcharts faster than you can purr the word “fangrrlzz”. From the Georgia Renaissance Festival all the way up to King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Mass. – the lassies are swooning for these lads which’ll be no wonder after you hear them blast their way out of this song! Give “Scoundrels” a try today!!
Download “Scoundrels” Now!

Complete Album (34.5MB download)

This is it, the treasure chest of music files, ripe for the taking… unless of course the server load is too great at which point we’ll have to pull the file…. so get it now and share it with your shipmates!
Download the “PiratePalooza™ Booty Music album” Now (34.5MB Download)!!

I surely do appreciate the time and effort that these folks have put into this FREE web album and I sincerely do hope that you’ll follow the links to all of our musician’s websites! BUY their albums. HIRE them to play your brother’s bar mitzvah! TELL them how great they are. Lord knows they’re tired of hearing it from ME.

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    Arrrr! Beeeautiful, matey!

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    Arrrr…. can’t get the .zip file to download! What’s up with that, Capt’n?

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    Alas, now it keeps timing out…. I’m destined to never hear pirate music! WOE!

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    Whaaa??? Try it again I say!!

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    What a great album, well performed as well…Thanks much, this is outstanding.. 🙂

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