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PP2007: Last One There Buys the Grog!

It’s that time lads and lassies… time to fall out of your hammocks, struggle into your old, worn gear and tumble down the gangplanks into town. The Palooza begins in only four short hours (2PM EST, read the info in the sidebar for more details) and there’s precious little time to waste. Let’s go down the checklist before you leave the ship:

  • Protection: very important. Don’t forget your sword. If you don’t have one, stop by to see Captain Matt at ‘The Gathering’. By all means make certain that your weapon is peace-bound. The laws of this land will be unforgiving toward those who brandish naked steel.
  • Currency: as we’re peace-binding our weapons you’re going to need to use the local currency, especially if you plan eat, drink and be merry (which means staggering to your cab with one of this year’s collectible T-shirts clasped to your breast!). Be sure to tip our minstrels and don’t forget your servers!
  • Clothing: for Neptune’s sake dress like a pirate today you bilge rats… you’ll feel foolish if you don’t.
  • Yarrr: this year the Captain would prefer to be hailed with the phrase “Yarrrr”.
  • Nibbles: bring ’em, show ’em. This is of course a reference to the season finale to my Adventure Series.
  • Photos: take ’em. Post ’em. Let us know about ’em.

Apologies for the countdown timer showing a later beginning to the Palooza, the Captain’s servers are on LA time~


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