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PP2007: Thank You!

Thank you.
Thank you for your gifted drinks, does your head thunders like a cannonade?
Thank you for your splendid songs, I can’t get them out of my pounding skull.
Thank you for your grand fine photos, now post them online!! (like The Amazing Tito)
Thank you for crawling ‘cross Decatur with us, do your feet ache as badly as mine? Oy vey.
Thank you for your patience, how long did you wait for your food? No, seriously.
Thank you to our sponsors, Nathalie’s Fish House, Onyx Consulting, the Boswell Gallery and WhateverUnique.
Thank you to Captain Matt, you know I still haven’t won one of those blasted free knives!
Thank you to the all pretty girls who were so sweet to this old space pirate.
Thank you for everything, I’m proud of you all!

Now bugger off and let me spleep for another 24 hours.
Thank You!!


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  1. Jill's Gravatar

    Posted by Jill on 16.09.07 at 10:16 pm

    Had a wonderful time at the Pirate Palooza!


    ~”that redhead with the camera”