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PP2007: ‘The Gathering’

“PiratePalooza™: The Gathering” was a tradition born of necessity (not to be confused with a card game invented to give nerds an excuse to meet other nerds). All good pirates know that before they set about to sack a city they must first work themselves into a piratical frenzy set alight with bloodthirsty songs of the sea, a delicious buffet (also of the sea) of which we shall speak more later, and a glittering selection of reasonably priced swords (located approximately 65 leagues from the sea) which are bound to get you into trouble if you don’t follow peace-binding law. If you truly be a pubcrawling pirate you’ll show up for The Gathering which will run from 2pm until 4:30pm at which time Captain Drew will read the invasion speech and incite his band of rumthirsty pirates to wreak commuter-style commerce upon the unwitting pubmasters and shopowners scattered through the city of Decatarrr…. believe me: it’s much more fierce than it sounds on paper. Or whatever this blinky box of magic lights uses to make these letters appear….. I really shouldn’t be writing copy after 11pm.


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