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PP2007: ‘The Gathering’

“PiratePalooza™: The Gathering” was a tradition born of necessity (not to be confused with a card game invented to give nerds an excuse to meet other nerds). All good pirates know that before they set about to sack a city they must first work themselves into a piratical frenzy set alight with bloodthirsty songs of the sea, a delicious buffet (also of the sea) of which we shall speak more later, and a glittering selection of reasonably priced swords (located approximately 65 leagues from the sea) which are bound to get you into trouble if you don’t follow peace-binding law. If you truly be a pubcrawling pirate you’ll show up for The Gathering which will run from 2pm until 4:30pm at which time Captain Drew will read the invasion speech and incite his band of rumthirsty pirates to wreak commuter-style commerce upon the unwitting pubmasters and shopowners scattered through the city of Decatarrr…. believe me: it’s much more fierce than it sounds on paper. Or whatever this blinky box of magic lights uses to make these letters appear….. I really shouldn’t be writing copy after 11pm.


2007 Pubcrawl Route

2007 Pubcrawl Route Map

Avast! Do this be the map for this year’s PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl? Why Thunder, it surely do look to be the genuine article! And looky at how it’s gotten bigger at the front and the back! It’s practically the Beyonce of maps! Please note that this year’s Pubsing will begin an hour earlier (at 8pm) simply to accommodate the bounty of minstrels with which we’ve been blessed! And what’s this about a LUNCHTIME event?? Tis true! I’ll be announcing the details of this PiratePalooza™ exclusive in a day or so.

For now, why not download a higher-resolution map of the Palooza route?! (click it, you lubber)

For now, set aside a bit of your time for “Pirate Brunch at the Captain’s Table” at Nathalie’s Fish House from 2pm to 4pm on the day of the Palooza, running concurrently with the kickoff festival at the Boswell Gallery (the gallery and restaurant are mere paces away from each other). Continue Reading


Schedule for PiratePalooza 2: Booty Call

To download a large version of our pubcrawl route click here.

Wear away and run lads, we’re less than three weeks from my birthday party on September 16th and there’s much I haven’t been able to tell you, until now! So lash that foot and gather round, this year’s Palooza be titled “Booty Call“, for sure as anything I think we all hear the sound o’ that sweet, sweet treasure callin’ our names…. but enough of that, I know that you really want to know what’s the schedule and who’ll be playing the PiratePalooza Pubsing?
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