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Pirate Attacks Up… Way To Go People!

Have you read the news lately?? Our worldwide numbers are phenomenal… pirate attacks are up a whopping 14% and many of you are looking at big fat bonus checks at the end of the year!! To celebrate this victory over the ninjas I’ve decided to call a meeting of Dunder-Mifflin’s… I mean, Captain Drew’s Scurvy Mongrels Achievement Club on Thursday, November 8th at Trader Vic’s… let’s say from 8pm to 11pm, no pressure on showing up on time. Of course, you’ll have to pay your own way, and for fun let’s all dress up as “regular people” if at all possible… leave your swords on the ship, loosen up those corsets and let it all hang out… relax! Those ninjas have nothing on us!! Come on people, let’s show a little spirit! What d’you say? Can I get a “Whoa Bundy!!”??

Here’s a video from a previous event at Trader Vic’s….

don’t miss it!


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