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2008 PiratePalooza Sponsor

Onyx Consulting

We would have you give a bloodthirsty cheer of thanks to our sponsor for this year’s PiratePalooza, Onyx Consulting!! Onyx is Atlanta’s Premier Mac & Windows Repair, Service and Consulting Provider and recently opened a second location in Decatur, site of our 4th annual PiratePalooza pubcrawl. Coincidence or Fate? Whichever it may be, you should be warned that the scurvy crew of Onyx provide a dazzling array of professional, multi-platform IT services and are an “Apple Authorized Service Center Plus” as well as an “Apple Authorized Reseller” (dealer). The Captain buys all of his boxes of blinky lights from Onyx, who often repair them after a particularly vicious battle with Mr. Google. Lubbers from all over town are talking about Onyx Consulting, from data recovery to network installation to making sure that your pretty little Mac or PC is working properly, call upon Onyx Consulting today… tell them Captain Drew sent you!!


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