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#1 Hip Hop Pirate to Release New Album

New Tracks from Captain DanOur old pal Captain Dan and his scurvy crew have released 3 new tracks today to celebrate the pending debut of their new album “From the Seas to the Streets” under the Nonexistent Recordings label. Timed to coincide with your planet’s so-called “International Talk Like a Pirate Day“, this pre-release of album tracks marks the third and highly anticipated work from a pirate hip hop artist that has been described as “drunk”, “pirate”, “guy over there” and “behind the rum barrell doing something with the crew’s pig”. If you lubbers don’t be aware of Captain Dan, then you be missing out on perhaps the most important influence on modern piracy since Paris Hilton stopped wearing bloomers and started riding around in low-slung autocarriages.

Author of such anthems as “We Be Sailin'”, “Flintlock Glock” and “Real Swashbucklers(throw your hooks in the air)”, Captain Dan has become the voice of a generation… a pirate generation. So do be sure to give Captain Dan and his scurvy crew a listen! If you like what you hear, swing on over to the decks of and listen to even more tracks. In anticipation with the newest release, why not snag yourself one or both of their previous albums, “Authentic Pirate Hip Hop” and “Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariners“.

Captain Dan’s latest songs cleave fast to the sound that brought this rhyming bastard to the party in the first place and we be glad that he be keeping it real (as if he “kept it fake” we’d know the difference). First up of the new tracks comes the lurid lady language of “Chests O Plenty” be certain to offend lubber wenches, so be sure to keep it pumpin’ when you be ridin’ dirty in your autocarriages. “Rum & Juice Master” pays homage to those what has their mind on their doubloons and their doubloons on their mind, while “Seas to the Streets Master” is a heroic, triumphant in-your-face orchestral assault describing how the pirates have come from the seas to the streets to represent with a maritime beat.

(ho ho)


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