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Please Support The Grange!

We’ve apparently been spotted by a couple of popular Decatur blogs this week and the Captain wants to clear up any confusion that may now exist about our relationship with the owners of the new Decatur pub called The Grange (which we’ve been playfully & piratically calling ‘The Mange’). We fully support The Grange and its owners, who have revived the empty shell of a building that we all love so much into a bustling Irish pub. The Comer family have put a lot of time and energy into their new business, which will have only been up and running for a couple of weeks as the Palooza drew near… and it’s going to take them more time to learn how the place runs (and time to develop a relationship with their customers) before they have a couple hundred rowdy pirates thrown at them right at the beginning of their young business’ life. There was never an ill-exchange of words and the owners have been eminently cordial about the entire matter. We would love to have the Palooza return at some point in the future to The Grange and encourage you to visit them for dinner and drink sometime. Please support The Grange and Comer family, I certainly know that I will.


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