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PiratePalooza Decals

2008 PiratePalooza Decals

I shouldn’t have been surprised when me old pal Foe, what runs the Dragon*Con Pirate Party-o, mentioned something about making some stickers for his year’s event… it be terrific idea for spotting pirates on the high ways of the inland passages as they trundle past in their autocarriages (and a good way of making sure that they don’t be ninjers).

However, the reason that I jumped clear out of my skin upon reading his declaration is because I’d in fact been pondering the same notion since last year’s PiratePalooza™ and all I could think was “How in the unholy seas of Pendergrass did that old bastard get into my sketchbook??”

Well, long boring tale enbriefened, this year you’ll have the opportunity to fester up your autocarriage with a decal that proclaims (to those in the know) that you too be a PiratePaloozer.

The decals be shaped like the oval “country stickers” you see gobbed all over other people’s autocarriages, except that they have Captain Drew’s PiratePalooza logo on them. So, if you be the sort of puffin what puts stickers all over your expensive possessions, I’ll let you have one for only $3… or I’ll give you two for $5, seeing as how I likes you so much (whoever the bloody seven seas you claim to be). NOTE that these buggers have some serious adhesive on them, so DO NOT put them onto anything you don’t want them to stay on for a long, long while.


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