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Raise Anchor 2008!!

2008 Palooza Shirt Artwork

Look alive you sorry dogs, the seas are high and the Palooza is calling! It be only 10 days before we invade Decatarrrr and there be much to be done ahead of the invasion… like getting our T-shirts! This year we’ll be treatin’ ourselves to a fyne chocolate brown shirt to commemorate the glory that is PiratePalooza™. Prices will be announced just as soon as we know how much the shirts will cost us, and the shirts will be available on the day of the Palooza and also via PayPal, with UPS shipping. If you’ve missed a shirt from a previous year drop a line and we’ll check to see if there are any left (note: the very popular 2006 shirt with glow-in-the-dark ink is SOLD OUT in men’s XL size… heck, I only got ONE of them!!).™


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