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Palooza Concert 2008

Every pirate knows that PiratePalooza™ is about music and the salty musicians what brings it to us. Whether it be long-hauls, sheet-drags, capstan shanties, stamp-n-go’s, pumpin’ or fo’c’s’le shanties, you’ll find us singin’ about sailing, drinking and wenching. Now, without further adieu allow me to announce our line-up for the 2008 Pubcrawl!!

Wine, Woman, and Song – the very group of amazing singers what first introduced the Captain to these shanties. (Trivia: Naughty Nellie Peachbottom, the “woman” of WW&S, was one of the early co-conspirators of the Palooza itself!)

Tenpenny Travelers – the Travelers first climbed aboard the Palooza last year and were a genuine hit with our crew, with many demands that they return to us again!

Joni Minstrel – keep an eye on this clever little trouble-maker (and admittedly awesome entertainer), she’ll be sure to be plotting mutiny at some point in our voyage.

Ian O’Donnell – with us since the 2nd Palooza, this feller will have you tappin’ your toes and singin’ along in no time flat!

We’ll of course greatly miss The Lost Boys and Three Quarter Ale this year, but are buoyed by the fact that they’ve all become massively popular and cannot escape the (lucrative) bonds which will bind them during this year’s Palooza. We do hope they’ll speed back to us next year, itching for rum and rummy-tum-tums…. whatever the heck those are.

More announcements about the Pubcrawl and Concert soon!™


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