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Saluting PiratePalooza’s 2009 Sponsor

PiratePalooza 2009 Sponsor : Onyx Consulting

For the third year in a row Captain Drew has gotten the “Look at My Bouncy Corset Virus” on his personal computational device, and for the umpteenth time in the history of computers upon the face of this planet Onyx Consulting has ridded him of that pesky problem ( a problem which salves and ointments could never sooth). But that’s not the only endorsement the Captain will give for Onyx Consulting (which has two convenient locations, one off of Northcrest Road in North Atlanta, the other right off the square in Decatur, near the McDonald’s restaurant).

Onyx Consulting be just the sort of firm what merchants call in when they be tired of dealing with pimply-faced adolescents full of attitude, dude. Onyx is a low-key, boring-as-rocks type of crew that any computer-afflicted swabby wants working on their blinky box of flashing lights. Not only is Onyx filled to the brim with Microsoft-certified technicians, they’re also an “Apple Authorized Service Center Plus” as well as an “Apple Authorized Reseller” (dealer) and they’re the only place that Captain Drew buys his fruit-oriented computing mech, and they’re the only ones who (often) repair those computers after the Captain has a few particularly vicious battles with Mr. Google.

And it gets even better.

Onyx Consulting has started the Onyx Consulting Foundation, which raises money for a tremendous cause! Here be their mission statement:

Our mission is to provide consistent and significant funding for the Dekalb Rape Crisis Center and various other affiliated charities in the Metro-Atlanta area. The funds are raised through the discounted sale of “OCF Certified” computers and related equipment donated by our generous clientele and the general public. When you purchase a machine from the OCF, you take action with us to help beat back the tide of human suffering and become part of the solution.

So, by purchasing some of their lovingly restored computer equipment, you can help the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center, a wonderful cause indeed.

Lubbers from all over town are talking about Onyx Consulting, from data recovery to network installation to making sure that your pretty little Mac or PC is working properly, call upon Onyx Consulting today… tell them Captain Drew sent you!!


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