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Come Hell or High Water, We SAIL!!

The PiratePalooza™ has arrived like a monsoon as was foretold in The Legend of Cursed Hand, and like those pirates of legend, the 5th Anniversary PiratePalooza Pubcrawl and Pubsing will not be stopped by water and wave!

Some final tips for you green lubbers before we set sail today:

Memorize the Route
Twain’s, Brick Store, Eddie’s Attic, James Joyce. Print a copy of the Google Map!

Captain Drew will be Twittering the Pubcrawl this year, follow along at:

Being a sloppy drunk makes you of little use to us when it comes to a fight, or settling our check. With water, water everywhere, make sure you take a drink. Alternate water with your rum, grog, ale, porter, whiskey and/or gin. And maybe eat a little food. You’re looking thin.

Designate Drivers
Water and oil and alcohol is a deadly mix. Never drive if you’ve been drinking, and in the midst of this gale it’s even more important that you take care.

Buy a Shirt!
You’ll want proof that you were at the Palooza, $15 is a cheap alibi! Note that we have a limited selection of PiratePalooza shirts from previous years. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Peace Binding Required
All blades must be secured: no naked steel allowed. Wire ties are available at the T-shirt tent, be sure to help those that don’t know this rule to get their blade peace-bound.

Special Dinner Deal
In the days when the Palooza used to roam farther to the West, we would dock at Nathalie’s Fish House to gorge ourselves on shrimp and oysters. Though our crawl won’t stray that way this year, we do want you to know that Nathalie and her crew will have specials in celebration of International Talk LIke a Pirate Day. On the table will be Conch Fritters, Buccanner Ceviche, Flaming New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp, Oyster Loaf, Seafaring Gumbo, Southseas Swordfish Steak, and some delicious desserts to boot! Try their pirate drink specials too, and tell them that Captain Drew sent you!


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