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PiratePalooza 2009 : The Adventure

The Adventure of the Official 2009 PiratePalooza

On Saturday, Septembarrrr 19th, 2009, Captain Drew and his pirate horde descended upon the unsuspecting Port of Decatarrrr for the fifth time in as many years, intent on razing it to the ground… beginning with its supply of rum and ale. THIS be their tale (complete with photographs)….

In the early hours of the afternoon the first wave of invaders infiltrated Fort Twain and gave it a right good thumping before clambering up the Church Street, turning west at Ponce De Leon’s fountain of ale, and marching up toward the Belgian’s Storehouse of Bricks.

After overwhelming those besotted Belgians the pirates celebrated by drinking up all the good ale, the bad ale, and 32 plastic containers filled with a bright pink cleaning product….

Celebrating the Taking of the Belgian's Bar

…fueled by this success they roared down to the main square to attack the town’s shrine to Commodore Stephen Decatur….

The Pirates Attack Commodore Stephen's Shrine

…and to dance a Pirate Reel ‘pon his grave….

The Pirate Reel in the Square

The Commodore’s ghost must have been filled with great fury, for the ground shook and rumbled as if Jorungard’s Worm itself had come to life in the ground ‘neath their feet….

The Hellish Ghost of Commodore Stephen Decatur

…so the pirate horde ran straightaway to hide in Mister Eddie’s Attic (pirates don’t know about MARTA).

As pirates are long of desire and short of memory, they were soon dancing up a jig to the songs of Tenpenny Traveler and drinking all of Mr. Eddie’s good rum and ale….

The Pirates Retreat to Mister Eddie's Attic

When the rum was all gone they set forth once again toward their final stop: Port Joyce. The Atlanta Pirates and Wenches Guild arrived first, tying up their ship for all to see at the head of the harbor to Port Joyce…

The Atlanta Pirates and Wenches Guild Docked at Port Joyce

…. certainly an invitation and a warning for the jubilee to come.

And what a jubilee!!

A Sea Captain and His Lurvely Wenches

The 5th Annual PiratePalooza Pubsing was LEGENDARY and certainly left Port Joyce in more disarray than if it had been in the path of a hurricane. If you were there you realize how that night could never be repeated, if you weren’t there you’ll soon be lying and telling others that you were. It were that fine a time. And so now we extend our thanks to those who made The Official 5th Anniversary PiratePaloozaâ„¢ Pubcrawl and Pubsing such a ringing success to the drunken pirates in attendance!!

The Pubs
Thanks to Fort Twain, The Belgian’s Brick Storehouse, Mr. Eddie (and his Attic), and to Port Joyce; you were all kind and submissive hostages and your ales and victuals were the finest we’ve poached yet! Your indentured waitstaff were energetic, well-kept, free of lice, and we hope that our hordes did tip them well enough to eventually buy their way to freedom.

The Minstrels
Thanks to you for your rousing tales of the sea, of treasure, of plunder, and of treachery, sweet, sweet treachery. You were: Joni Minstrel, The Brigadoon Bombshells, Tenpenny Traveler, The Lost Boys, Syrens of the South, Half-Pint (a subsidiary of Three Quarter Ale), and Wine, Woman & Song.

The Dancers
Thanks to Israel Hand of The League of the Black Flag for calling the Pirate’s Reel at the shrine to Commodore Stephen Decatur, to Tenpenny Traveler for providing the lively stepping beat, and the dancers themselves. It was a joy to have it succeed despite the monsoon!

The Atlanta Pirates and Wenches Guild
Thanks to you for docking Meass Bedragon at Port Joyce for all to see, she’s beauty and your fine crew have taken good care of that rickety ride 😉

The League of the Black Flag
To Foe and Bob and Tommy and all the fine folk of TLOTBF for giving PiratePalooza a grand shout at their Pirate Party at Dragon*Con!

The Pirateship(.com)
Thanks to Captain Matt and his gorgeous crew (how does he do that?) for making sure that our horde remains armed with the latest in edged weaponry and those handheld blunder-type busses what seem all the rage these days.

The Volunteers
A very special thanks to our Pub Liaison Tracy Wilson for making sure the minstrels were fed and watered, and that the Captain was square with the pub. Additional thanks to the cinematic crew what plied the crowd with PiratePalooza T-shirts; every 2009 Adult T was sold out!!! We continue to have a good supply of 2009 ladies shirts, and a limited stock of shirts from 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. Contact us if you’d like to check a size and order one ($15 plus shipping).

The Tent Makers
Scurvy Pete and his comely wench Curvy were an unexpected bonus, and the tent they brought with them made PiratePalooza 2009 the success it was!! Thank them whenever you see them, but careful, they’re a dangerous duo!!

The Pirates
And finally, how could it have been Captain Drew’s Official PiratePaloozaâ„¢ without you lice-infested, rum-swilling seadogs? Thank you most of all for braving the heart of a monsoon for that special event what only comes once a year!! We look forward to hearing the pitter-clack, pitter-clack of you peg-legged bastards this time next year!!

The next time Captain Drew warns that a storm is coming you might well pay heed – The Legend of the Cursed Hand is something never to be ignored, never to be forgotten.

And so for now, the PiratePalooza is done…. for the voyage is done and the winds do blow, and it’s time for us to leave her… until this time next year, CAST OFF!!!

Photos courtesy of Anita Sims, The League of the Black Flag, and Captain Drew


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