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Raising the Black Flag on PiratePalooza 6

Raise the Black Flag!

Tis sunup on the morning of our invasion of the unsuspecting port of Decatarrrr and to make sure that you don’t go invading the wrong town we’ve gathered together all the links and last minute information you’ll need to make this year’s Official PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing (as reported by Ann Hoevel of CNN) the best you’ve evarrr seen (with your good eye that is).

The 5 W’s

Everything you need to know about today’s events can be found under the “Pubcrawl” button in the main navigation window (click here to go there now). This information includes the timetable of our route with the full addresses and links to all the pubs on that route for those of you sad plonkers what must navigate with them little GPS boxes. Also available is an interactive Google Map of PiratePalooza 2010. Please tip your servers!

Social Media

Feel free to check in at all our locations and follow @PiratePalooza on Twitter! Use the hashtag #piratepalooza when you tweet!

Arm Yourself!!

We’re pleased to confirm that Captain Matt and his sexy crew from The Pirate Ship at the Georgia Renaissance Festival will be joining us once again this year with a table full of pirate goodies and as it’s so near the end of the year Captain Matt has announced (most unexpectedly) that he’s having a BLOW OUT SALE with up to 40% off of his “booty”!! We encourage you to trade up from that plastic sword to something a bit sexier! (please respect our rule of no naked steel, all weapons at PiratePalooza must be peace-tied)

Special Deal on AnachroCon Pre-Registration!

We’re very pleased to announce that AnachroCon, Atlanta’s best (and only) convention dedicated to alternative history and the Steampunk Movement, will be conducting pre-registration for their 2011 convention at this year’s PiratePalooza and they honor us by offering one third off the normal registration fee! Stop by the AnachroCon table during the Pubsing at the James Joyce from 7pm to 10pm to take advantage of this special offer! Tell ’em Captain Drew sent you for a special poke in the eye!

Don’t Drive Drunk

Did you know that the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream reaches its peak 30 to 45 minutes after consuming a drink? As great as you may be at packing away the rum and scurrying up the rigging, pirates have no business behind the wheel of a horseless carriage after they’ve been drinking. Please, please, please read our thoughts on drinking and driving. Police your group, take away keys if your friends are drunk, talk to the bar – they’ll arrange a ride for you. Take a nap in your car (but do not put the keys in the ignition). But do not drive home drunk! We want to see you next year!


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