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Vote for Three Quarter Ale!

Three Quarter Ale

Now be the time for all you scurvy seadogs to rise to action and pay me heed! You see, my dear scoundrels, those minstrels what tend by the appellation “Three Quarter Ale” be in deadly, earnest combat against overwhelming odds against an army of land lubbers and they need YOUR HELP in winning the Georgia Lottery’s All Access Music Search tomorrow! So what do you need to do? Keep reading!!!

Who Are These “Three Quarter Ale” People & Why Should I Care?
Three Quarter Ale (visit their official website) be a Ren-rock band based out of Atlantarrrr and one of Captain Drew’s all-time favorite bands, appearing as frequent guests at his annual Official PiratePalooza Pubcrawl & Pubsing.

But, even if you hate Renaissance Festivals, party city pirates, and any song with “Hey Nonny Nonny” in it, you need to know that these 3 singers also be Great Big Nerds. They’ve been frequent guests at all sorts of nerd-flavored events (like Dragon*Con) and they absolutely love all things Geek because they ARE Geeks. If you’re tired of the same old recycled rock genres you should help rally all your comicbook reading, Josh Whedon worshipping, World of Warcraft playing, Han Shot First protesting nerd friends to pass this note along so that we can loft TQA into the national spotlight!

So How Do We Vote?
Voting begins tomorrow at Noon, Eastern Standard Time, at the official Georgia Lottery All Access Music Search website [link to official voting site]. If every one of you geeks reading this will vote and pass it along we can help them win!! Share this link on your Facebook, on your LiveJournal, on your Twitter, on your arsecheeks… whatever works in your end of the seven seas. Just do it, nerd, and tell your nerd friends. Check back with them later to make sure they voted!

Here be video of Three Quarter Ale on the Georgia Lottery stage…

Here be video of yours truly, Captain Drew, locked in mortal combat with Wicked Pete Speakeasy….


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