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2011 PiratePalooza Shirts

We like to think that the Official PiratePalooza PubCrawl & PubSing experience is incomplete without the purchase of one of our commemorative T-shirts, and that’s not just because we hate stumbling over piles of those cursed unsold shirts for the 364 days leading up to the next Palooza. This year it should come as no surprise that the artwork on the reverse side of the shirts features Captain Drew’s newest invention, the rPlank™. Best of all (for you scurvy dogs) we’ve held the price of the T-shirts down to $15 (even though they have a crazy lot of ink on them) and for the first time in the 7 years of PiratePalooza history, Captain Drew is dropping the cost of shirts from previous Paloozas down to $10 – get them while they last. See you on Saturday?!!


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