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Onyx Consulting Wins Service Rights for rPlank is pleased to announce that Captain Drew has awarded the exclusive worldwide service rights for the rPlank™ to Onyx Consulting of Atlanta. In an entirely unrelated matter, Onyx Consulting has returned as a premiere sponsor of Captain Drew’s Official 7th Annual PiratePalooza PubCrawl & PubSing!! Not only is Onyx Consulting the only authorized service provider for the rPlank™ on your planet, they also be an Apple Authorized Service center and a generally clever group of boffins who quietly solve IT problems and avoid pompous self-promotion (unlike Captain Drew). This fall Onyx will be opening their 3rd location, near Georgia Tech, at 1634 Northside Drive between Holmes and Belmeade. What was formerly a pet hospital will now be a computer hospital, so don’t be afraid to take your beloved family computer in for a heartworm check or a nice shampoo. Best of all, for those without a lot of money to spend, Onyx has established the Onyx Consulting Foundation (“The OCF”); a non-profit which sells affordably priced refurbished computer equipment, with all proceeds going toward the Dekalb Rape Crisis Center & The YMCA Partner With Youth Program, two very worthwhile causes! (note: Onyx requires all pirates wishing to have their rPlank™ repaired to pay in advance)


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