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10 Ways to Have a Fun and Safe PiratePalooza!


PiratePalooza™ may seem like a novelty to you city folks in Atlantarrrr, but this grand convening of pirate crews ain’t no joke and it’s a good thing that you tuned in to get these tips from me on how best to survive…

  1. Never, ever trust a pirate. Just don’t.
  2. Swords and knives should be peace bound (tied so that they cannot be pulled from their scabbard or from a baldric) inside of restaurants and private property. Brandishing bare steel on public property (like parks) may rouse the attention of the local constabulary, so behave like adults with your costume and replica weapons.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate on the day prior to the Palooza, because you’ll be moving around a lot on Saturday!
  4. Show respect to your serving wenches and menfolk, and be sure to tip them well. Respect hotel property, employees, and security staff.
  5. Pace yourself. The entire invasion may last more than 8 hours, so be sure to eat along the way.
  6. Don’t drink and drive! Take MARTA or use Lyft – note that the Lyft code “GSUFreeRide” is good anywhere in the country for a free ride (up to $20) and is good now through forever! What’s more, you can store this code in the app, and use it when you choose.  {thanks to Sara Zuckerman for this sage advice}
  7. Make PiratePalooza™ your own mini-vacation by booking a hotel room! A quick search on reveals DragonCon equivalent hotel rooms for as little as $118/night, and if you split the cost with a few friends you can turn it into a great weekend.
  8. Make reservations ahead of time at Trader Vic’s if you have designs on dining there. Alternately, make reservations at one of the nearby restaurants and have a great meal! Be sure to tell them what’s brought you to town!
  9. Be ready to pose for a few photos for strangers and tourists! Direct those lubbers to our website (  and Facebook page for more information.
  10. More than anything: Have a great time, you’re a PIRATE!!!!



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