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LandLoch’d at PiratePalooza!


Steve Wright and Ed Rigel first met sometime around 2008, at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Both men were musicians, but would not play together until 2011 when Ed, learning that his current bandmate had a gig that conflicted for that year’s PiratePalooza™, reached out to Steve to see if he was interested in

putting something together. Two rehearsals later, they made their debut as “Keg & Barrel”.

With only two weeks before PiratePalooza™ they adopted “LandLoch’d”, a name suggested by one of their wives (to be clear, they currently have only one wife, each), and made their debut at the James Joyce Pub, in Avondale Estates.

Their favorite songs to perform together include “Company of Fools”, which provides for audience participation, and “Mist-Cover’d Mountains”, a slow and pretty song that deviates from their usual loud and boisterous material. “Finnegan’s Wake” is another favorite, because Ed gets to make Steve tell bad jokes.

Both men listened to Celtic music for years before they began performing it. Ed has always liked the uncommon instruments, and that, coupled with a short attention span, led him to playing the bodhran, whistle, and mandolin/bouzouki. Ed usually has the band Carbon Leaf somewhere on his iPod.

The duo perform occasional gigs at local pubs around north Georgia, and currently have four albums for sale (, with a bunch of ideas floating around for their next album, which they hope to have by GARF 2016.

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