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Linen Brocade at PiratePalooza!


It was a dark and stormy night in 1712… make that 2012… when the band known as Linen Brocade first assembled in response to a plea from their fanboy, Captain Drew, to make an appearance at the PiratePalooza™ Pub Sing…

The name “Linen Brocade” is actually a clever pun, as on any other day of the year the band is actually known as Denim Arcade; Atlanta’s premiere live 1980s band, performing around the southeast since 2010. Whether rocking in the 1980s or reeling in the 1780s, the band is made up of the same four musicians: Becky Cormier Finch (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, flute), Wade Finch (vocals, lead and rhythm guitar), John Christopher (bass, vocals), and Andy Womack (drums, vocals)… along with their sexy photographer Jaynie!

Denim Arcade made their first appearance at the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance at the steampunk convention known as “Anachrocon“. When appearing at PiratePalooza™ as “Linen Brocade”, the band perform a slightly different style of songs than they would normally perform in their 1980s guise. They especially enjoy the Jimmy Buffet classic “Volcano” because it gets the pirates up on their feet, and dancing.

Denim Arcade works so well as a team due to its members many shared interests. When drummer Andy Womack first showed up to audition for the band everyone was surprised to discover that they already knew each other from the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Andy is a huge 80s music geek and also enjoys period music from the renaissance festival circuit, where he can still be found performing on occasion. “Andy’s level of geekiness and rock-n-roll was perfect for the band,” explains lead guitarist Wade Finch, who already knew bass player John Christopher from a progressive rock band that they’d played in together.

In addition to his prog-rock roots, John has long appreciated 80s music, confessing that he practiced and played Madonna songs on his bass guitar all the way back in the 1980s.

Wade has a special devotion to the music, movies, toys and culture of the 80s, the decade of his childhood – his wife Becky is as big a fan of that decade, and is often described as the band’s “secret weapon” due to her musical prowess. She may be petite, but her talent is so enormous that it spans multiple bands, so keep an eye out for her to appear in the band “Half Pint”.

Linen Brocade (aka Denim Arrrrrrcade) will be performing next at Wild Wing Cafe Suwanee on Septembarrrrr the 26th (that’s one week after Palooza, so don’t miss it!)

The band has yet to produce an album, but t-shirts might be forthcoming so visit and be sure to LIKE them on Facebook!


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