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Tenpenny Travelers at PiratePalooza!

Tenpenny Travelers

The Tenpenny Travelers first met around the turn of the century at Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) meets, where they provided live music for dances. By 2005 their group had gone legit and could be found performing at the King’s Gate at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. This brief period as “classy instrumentalists” for the quality would not last long, however, as just two years later they’d be found performing for rum-soaked sea dogs at the 3rd annual PiratePalooza!

Over the years the Tenpenny has boasted many various and talented members and guest stars; these days the core band is comprised of Tara Maurer, Ariel Kasten, and Mike Quigley.

When asked how they selected the name for their band Tara explained “We wanted to suggest that we were willing to travel…” – as Mike quickly interjected “…and that we were broke!!” Ariel refused to answer the question directly, but kept spinning around in the background singing “I am filled with floon!”

While PiratePalooza attendees often mention Tenpenny’s version of the New Zealand whaling song “The Wellerman” as one of their favorites, the band is divided on which of their songs they like best.

“Don’t ask us to choose a favorite child!” screams Tara, when pressed for a favorite.

Ariel often suggests the song “Yankee Doodle” because “We never get to do it, and people always look so confused when we do.” As Yankee Doodle is not actually available on their current album (available for purchase from the band at this year’s PiratePalooza) the instructions for “Song-O-Rama” are included here for your entertainment.

– – –

Welcome to the TPT song-o-rama. Please listen carefully, as this menu has changed:

To hear songs about death, please press 1.
For songs about beer and death, please press 2.
For songs about madness, sharp objects and death, press 3.
For songs about dismemberment, injury, and career councilling, please press 4.
For songs about romantic mishaps, press 5.
For songs about romantic mishaps AND death, please press 6.
For songs about piracy, bandirty and other social malfeasance, press 7
For lively dance tunes with very little death, please deposit twenty five cents
For songs suitable for children, please deposit an additional five dollars
if you would like the Tenpenny Travelers to stop playing, hand over whatever you have left in your wallet

(Tenpenny Travelers are available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and drunken bar brawls.)


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