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Video: Dumpster Diving Dawn

While I still be waiting to hear if any of you hull-beaters hobbled away with video from PiratePalooza™ 2008 with video of the cursed pubcrawl/concert, I have some intriguing new video of them dumpster-diving bastards, the cardboard troopers, what always be chasing me and me crew. As best I can tell, it seems those loons infiltrated some sort of girlie show for a fellow in a top hat. Perhaps this will make more sense to you lot.


It’s Really Long

Behind-the-Scenes photos now available on Flickr!!

The excitement continues in Episode 3 of the PiratePalooza Adventure Series! In this thrilling installment you’ll be introduced to a deadly squad of armored troopers on an urgent mission to wipe out space pirates forever. Will the crew of the PiratePalooza escape with their lives? Will Captain Drew shoot more innocent bystanders? Will Chewie stop chewing? Will George Lucas or Josh Wheeldom sue us? Will somebody explain the plot of this danged thing to me?? Anybody?

Filmed in glorious Pixelvision at great time and expense!! Join us after the click for SPOILERS and shout-outs!
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