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It’s Really Long

Behind-the-Scenes photos now available on Flickr!!

The excitement continues in Episode 3 of the PiratePalooza Adventure Series! In this thrilling installment you’ll be introduced to a deadly squad of armored troopers on an urgent mission to wipe out space pirates forever. Will the crew of the PiratePalooza escape with their lives? Will Captain Drew shoot more innocent bystanders? Will Chewie stop chewing? Will George Lucas or Josh Wheeldom sue us? Will somebody explain the plot of this danged thing to me?? Anybody?

Filmed in glorious Pixelvision at great time and expense!! Join us after the click for SPOILERS and shout-outs!

Spoiler Alert!
The following text may contain spoilers if you’re really interested in seeing the video first, you sad, sad little person.

Captain Drew would like to thank the members of the 299th Legion for their unflagging energy during the heat of filming, the City of Decatur for not arresting us, the fine staff of the Angel for great food and ales (thanks for dropping the sound for us Darren & Dragon!), thanks to the Boswell Gallery for the use of their moonbuggy and their gallery as a staging area.

The Captain would like to extend a special salute Mr. Tim O’Brien of for working PiratePalooza into his busy animation schedule, please don’t everybody hire him all at once as we’ve become accustomed to his ability to surpass expectations…. but really, do hire him.

An equally special salute goes halfway ’round the world to our composer, Anthony Sonego. Anthony’s synth wizardry may almost make you forget this episode’s lack of character development, plot resolution and general coherence…. we’re so lucky to have him as part of Team Palooza! Fans of our very own Geoffrey Brown will giggle in delight at Anthony’s cinematic treatment of Geoffrey’s tune “In the Gutter“!

Sharp-eyed viewers may notice leaves appearing and disappearing on trees in Episode 3. That’s because Episode 2 and portions of Episode 3 were the first episodes filmed for this serial. Episode 1 took longer to write and cast. Additional footage for Episode 3 was filmed in June.

If you enjoyed this episode tell your friends and send us your panties!
But mostly send us your panties.


3 Responses to this post.

  1. Harvey Laidman's Gravatar

    Posted by Harvey Laidman on 14.07.07 at 8:27 pm

    Thrilling, riveting, bodacious, smashing.

  2. Chuck Sheffey's Gravatar

    Posted by Chuck Sheffey on 14.07.07 at 8:27 pm

    ok here I go. When the stormtroopers were turning the corner and running, Who was running on the street? The action was superb, and the cardboard was hanging right.
    Last but not least, Who taught Captain Drew to drive?
    I give it an X plus.

  3. drew's Gravatar

    Posted by drew on 14.07.07 at 8:27 pm

    Our first X rating!!!!
    Maybe now Captain Drew can do that nude scene he’s been pushing for…

    Rumor is that we actually had an honest-to-gosh steadicam operator from the 600 (the motion picture camera union) running on the street for us…. or, maybe he wasn’t running on the street (as that would probably break some city ordinances and I prefer to respect Decatarrrr’s city ordinances). Regardless of where he was running, the camera he was using was an old busted Canon single chip DV camcorder. We had a gracious benefactor step in with a hard drive recorder for episode 4 (currently in production).

    Another rumor is that nobody but shut-ins are watching these videos. We prefer to discount that second rumor….