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Imperial Ass-Whooping

Your old pirate pal Cap’n Drew has recently seen a magic lantern show that has really captured his imagination! It’s called Star…. something…. I…. I forget. But still, maybe you’ve seen it? It has some strange fellers what run around and carve things up with magic humming swords and then there’s a lot of other fellers dressed in shiny white armor what work for some sort of Empire type operation. I didn’t really understand that part either. But oh do it be a fine sight to see! Now, just this week I learned that there’ll be a group of them fellers in white armor paradin’ around downtown Atlanta and I thinks to me self, “Why not fall in with ’em for awhile to see if I can get ’em to tell me where to find a magic humming sword for myself?”…. unfortunately, I’m between booty-calls this month so I don’t have any silver to rub together for the purchase of me own fine white armor and have been forced to make do with some things that one of me crew pulled from a dumpster. If anybody knows these fellers in white please put in a good word for your old Cap’n Drew, he’d like to make it to the Palooza in one piece this year!