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Atlanta Pirates and Wenches Guild

The folks what be behind the Atlanta Pirates & Wenches Meet-Up Group have floated a message my way and asked me to pass it along to all you scurvy dogs what follows me blog thingy. They’d like you to join them down to the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club to raise a pint or twelve before tryin’ to rustle some Continue Reading


Steal Davy Jones’ Heart Parrrty

The Lady Wispa writes in to say that Atlanta Pirates and Wenches Guild be encouraging all able-bodied (and differently-hooked) pirates, seadogs, sundogs, sunspots, spotdogs and spatboys to join them at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club at (or about) 6:30pm on Saturrrday, February 9th for a FULL GARB MeetUp event scheduled so closely to February the 14th that you might as well think of it as “Pirate Valentines”.

Your favorite space pirate (namely me, not Captain Harlock (I hope)) attended the “Pirate Christmas” hosted by the AP&WG and it was a very, very satisfactory event. I mean, how often are the normal sidewalk rats along Little Five Points out-weirded? Surely, the opportunity to taunt emo skatepunks is worth the price of admission??? (which I should point out is free, as I understand it… though you’re liable for your own grog dealins with the Yacht Club’s Pub Wenches).

If you insist on paying an admission fee you should crawl around the deck until you find me and I’ll gladly relieve you of your loose change, bras or pantaloons. It’s what space pirates do at Pirates Valentine!!1


Pirate Christmas at The Yacht Club

Maria (with a bit o’ help from Benjamin, note the time change) writes in with an invitation:

Dear Captain Drew
A few of us are putting together a Pirate Christmas party for Saturday, December 8th at the The Euclid Avenue Yacht Club in Little Five Points at 6:30 PM. We ‘ave the back room reserved for the scurvy lot. Can you put the word out to the Pirate Community for us?

Consider the Pirate Community worded~!
(Note: I’m told that this be a full-garb parrrty – Cap’n Drew)


Pirate Attacks Up… Way To Go People!

Have you read the news lately?? Our worldwide numbers are phenomenal… pirate attacks are up a whopping 14% and many of you are looking at big fat bonus checks at the end of the year!! To celebrate this victory over the ninjas I’ve decided to call a meeting of Dunder-Mifflin’s… I mean, Captain Drew’s Scurvy Mongrels Achievement Club on Thursday, November 8th at Trader Vic’s… let’s say from 8pm to 11pm, no pressure on showing up on time. Of course, you’ll have to pay your own way, and for fun let’s all dress up as “regular people” if at all possible… leave your swords on the ship, loosen up those corsets and let it all hang out… relax! Those ninjas have nothing on us!! Come on people, let’s show a little spirit! What d’you say? Can I get a “Whoa Bundy!!”??

Here’s a video from a previous event at Trader Vic’s….

don’t miss it!


Calling All Pirates: Fab Fox Needs You!!

POTC at the Fab Fox

For any of you pirates what haven’t gotten the word yet, Captain Bloodrose has requested your presence at the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Monday, August 27th, for a special screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at 7pm. Tickets will be less than what you’d pay at the Cineplex Odeon Fantasmotron 8000 and…. Continue Reading


Piratiki #1

Piratiki #1

Where: Trader Vic’s in the Downtown Alanta Hilton’s basement
When: Saturday, March 11 8pm – Late Late (you can arrive earlier if you’d like a head start)
What For: Old Trader Vic has had his outpost at Atlanta Bay for 30 years now and it be time to celebrate with that old rascal who is throwin’ his very own party featuring: Tongo Hiti, Dames Aflame, Monkey Zuma and special guests.
How Much? Free to stand in the lobby. Free to stand at the bar and watch people drink. Money to drink. Five Dollars to go in to see the performance. Performance is free if you eat at Trader Vic’s. NOTE: PiratePalooza is not hosting this party. We are CRASHING this party. Wear your south seas casual raiding gear.
Continue Reading


ARTC Talks Like Pirates

The Atlanta Radio Theater Company will be performing on Sunday the 18th (the day after the Palooza) at the Barnes & Noble at Perimeter to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Follow this link for more information about the time and location of this live perforrrrmance!