PiratePalooza™ ’07 Clip: Mary Ellen Carter

Excited about the upcoming 2008 PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl?? Here’s a great raw clip from Sandra Sparks’ documentation of the music of the 2007 PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl Concert to tide you through….

The two person group doing the singing are Susan Hickey and Gregg Csikos and are called The Rambling Sailors, and have fans all around the U.S. rennfaire circuit. If you’re worried about the quality of the sound system for this year, we’ve been told that the mega-beefy sound system from the stadium rock Palooza of 2006 will be making a return!

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PiratePalooza 2007 Booty Music Album (free!)

A Free Album by the Bands!!

We have one last surprise for you from this year’s PiratePalooza™ and no, it’s not your hamburger (didn’t you hear? they’re still a little behind in the kitchen). No, our little surprise is an “internet album” of pirate-themed music from some of the very same performers you saw on stage at this year’s PiratePalooza™ on Saturday, September 15th!! Best of all? This album is absolutely free and it’s available NOW. That’s right FREE and NOW. You should know that this album was spearheaded and produced by Dolph Amick (one of those bigwig backers of the band Three Quarter Ale) and it was wholeheartedly supported by the kindhearted performers who lent their talents to the creation of this album.

Just because I love my crew (especially the lassies) I’m giving you four routes to get this album (the creation of which I had nothing to do with, mind you)!! – Click on through to get the details, they’re fantastic and EASY… you’ll be listening to music in SECONDS!!!!
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PP2007: Booty Music Track 03 – “Pirate’s Life”

In Track 03 of the PiratePalooza Booty Music album Susan Hickey and Gregg Csikos of the Rambling Sailors grab you round the collar and fling you high to the world of free-booted pirates in this song called “Pirate’s Life”. Look around your sad little cubicle and feel the blood course hot through your veins… take the sea now lads, while there’s still time!


PP2007: Booty Music Track 04 – “Strike the Bell”

What is that sweet sound?! Why, it be Track 04 featuring’ the Rambling Sailors with their lovely old-salt harmonies and trademark authentic squeezebox!! Just try listening to this song without bobbin’ your head and wishin’ you were facin’ into the wind aboard a ship bound some faraway rum-soaked shore!