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Piratiki #1

Piratiki #1

Where: Trader Vic’s in the Downtown Alanta Hilton’s basement
When: Saturday, March 11 8pm – Late Late (you can arrive earlier if you’d like a head start)
What For: Old Trader Vic has had his outpost at Atlanta Bay for 30 years now and it be time to celebrate with that old rascal who is throwin’ his very own party featuring: Tongo Hiti, Dames Aflame, Monkey Zuma and special guests.
How Much? Free to stand in the lobby. Free to stand at the bar and watch people drink. Money to drink. Five Dollars to go in to see the performance. Performance is free if you eat at Trader Vic’s. NOTE: PiratePalooza is not hosting this party. We are CRASHING this party. Wear your south seas casual raiding gear.

Why Come? Well lads and lassies, there I be… lashed to a board and sailin’ down a mountain rattlin’ from one rock to the next, arms a-wavin’ and screamin’ like a woman in a port-a-potty at an Oktoberfest for the visually impaired. All around me there be strange mountain folk what rang cowbells and shouted what were surely their best “Die, You Filthy Pirate, Die” songs in their weird hooojib tongues. All I got fer me troubles were some lumps on me coconut, a shiny bronze doubloon on a ribbon and a lot of pieces o’ paper with numbers scratched all over ’em by pretty lasses from Swedenland. I suppose that’s what them buxom lasses consider to be flirtin’ though I’d just as soon that they’d given me some manner of gettin’ in touch with ’em next time I be in port.

Now the whole time I were in that blasted cold place all I could think about were the warm, rum-colored, bare-breasted lasses of Polynesia. I swore that if I made it clean out of chute number 4 that there’d need be a call to our pirate horde for surely we can’t last until the big Palooza in September.

So there it be, the call is issued. You be knowin’ what to do…


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