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Getting the Band Back Together

PiratePalooza (the event) first appeared to Captain Drew in a rum-soaked dream sequence featuring Bing Crosby, Gil Gerard, the oft-remembered (little seen) bamboo taxi from Gilligan’s island, and 35 bare-breasted Vegas showgirls. Drew chased the showgirls around the stage in Gilligan’s bamboo taxi until he was thrown out of the dream sequence by an enraged Bob Hope who was not credited with an appearance in the dream sequence due to a bad union deal. Always read the fine print.

That very same PiratePalooza dream sequence appeared to Captain Drew again, a fortnight later, but Drew was tied up on the phone with his agent and couldn’t break away.

You know how that goes.

This recurring dream sequence for PiratePalooza (occasionally referred to as ‘Murray’) ran into Captain Drew three days later at a charity event. This time Drew was ready and embraced the vision: he would get the band back together. Surely it had never been attempted before. But where to start?

As luck would have it, Drew’s nemesis (and former longtime rock band partner) Captain Mal was in a dream sequence of his own, just over on the other side of the bar.


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