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Pirate Toys!

Do you like pirates? Do you like toys? (Ladies, see me after class) Well here’s a fantastic deal for you: pirate toys!! European pirate toys no less!!! Don’t see enough here to convince you that you need one? Well I’ve done you all a favor and placed a few more photos on my Flicker page, if for no other reason to see the fantastic masked pirate horse (who many say resembles Captain Drew in many, many ways. Except for that one way, the one you’re thinking of now, which is really annoying).

If you live in the Atlanta area hop in your car and head on down to the Peachtree Battle shopping center to Richard’s Variety Store where you’ll find a small collection of toys from the French company Papo. If you aren’t from Atlanta but must have this toy, hop online and look for a company like Kites Tails & Toys who seem to offer a great range of these toys. Plus, you’re not limited to these lovely (but scurvy) pirate toys… they have knights, cowboys and indians, dinosaurs and more. And don’t forget that there are more pictures of this scurvy pirate toy click on over to my Flickr photos!


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  1. dwivian's Gravatar

    Posted by dwivian on 09.02.07 at 10:31 pm

    A masked horse….

    er….. well, I suppose that could strike fear into… someone….