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Boom!! Here It Be

Testy McPherson

Meet Testy McPherson: plastic toy, viking-like pirate, all around ill-tempered git what likes to shoot things with the cannon he keeps perched atop his shoulder. Testy is good at party games, a devotee of Peach Schnapps and consistently bowls in the mid 200’s. He claims that he’s “one guy you don’t want to mess with” but the truth is that he’s a volunteer on weekends at the nursing home and runs a Yahoo group on french braids. To see all of Captain Drew’s toybox click on over to his Pirate Toys!! set on Flickr now.


Mega Bloks Mutiny Isle Playset

Captain Drew’s toy photography spree over on Flickr continues! Here’s one of his favorites, a playset from the Pyrates™ collection by toymaker Mega Bloks. This playset is named “Mutiny Isle” (model 3632) and features an island, a palm tree, two pirates, a skeleton guy (is he the bad guy? You decide!), a working cannon(!!), a dock, tiki torches, a rubber shark and a giant (relative to the size of the “pyrates”) skull cave that serves double duty as a nifty container for all the previously mentioned bits and pieces. Continue Reading


Care & Feeding of Your New Glass Eye

Glass Eyeball Book

Any pirate what’s lost one o’ his deadlights be knowin’ how hard it can be to come by one of them fancy glass eyeballs. Fortunately, San Francisco’s 826 Valencia Pirate Store has a handy limited-edition book called Your New Glass Eye which comes along with a glass eye (available in four different colors!). Though the book be small (it’s from Japan), it’s said to have quite a lot of good information Continue Reading


Pirate Toys!

Do you like pirates? Do you like toys? (Ladies, see me after class) Well here’s a fantastic deal for you: pirate toys!! European pirate toys no less!!! Don’t see enough here to convince you that you need one? Well I’ve done you all a favor and placed a few more photos on my Flicker page, if for no other reason to see the fantastic masked pirate horse (who many say resembles Captain Drew in many, many ways. Except for that one way, the one you’re thinking of now, which is really annoying).
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